CULTS: The Psychological Sway of Bad Shepherds

June 26, 2022 Markus & Drew Season 4 Episode 6
CULTS: The Psychological Sway of Bad Shepherds
Show Notes

Why are we so collectively desperate for belonging? To understand this world and our place in it? What is it that calls to us to find the secret knowledge from the beyond? Join us, as we do a brief dive into the dark waters of cults.

In this episode we examine JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, HEAVEN'S GATE, THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLE and THE MANSON FAMILY. The groups, their leaders, founders and the doctrine they follow(ed).

One could argue the thing that makes cults fundamentally different (and therefore dangerous) then other groups is the subversion of the members' free will. A dynamic more akin to mind control or social engineering than spiritual enlightenment.  But how can we protect the vulnerable from the predations of a bad shepherd, while still living up to America's founding principles of freedom?

What is it that makes us so susceptible to religious persuasion? Why do people devote their lives to some movements and not others? And why will we often follow someone into Hell to find these answers?

You decide.


Asch Experiments

Milgram Shock Experiment


JW Theology

What if they're right?

Heaven's Gate
Heaven's Gate

Exit Testimonials

Jim Jones / Peoples Temple
Paradise Lost

Death Tape

SDSU Records

Manson Family

Diane Sawyer Interview

Turning Point

As a great man once said

Family Guy Garden of Eden


Rookie Numbers

American History X


Link Tree



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