Breakthrough Starshot

June 06, 2021 Markus & Drew Season 3 Episode 17
Breakthrough Starshot
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Breakthrough Starshot is a theoretical space probe design,  intended to travel deep into the heart of our galaxy at a percentage of  light speed using light itself to propel dozens of nano ships using earth-based high powered lasers.  Scientists are excited for the great knowledge humanity could potentially gain.

00:00 Intro/ Breakthrough Starshot
02:27 Dynamics of the space craft/ nano tech and lasers
04:30 What's to be learned?/ Panspermia?

The Breakthrough Starshot Mission Explained

Yuri Milner


NASA; "We destroyed the Technology to go back to the Moon"

Mapping Dark Matter

The Theory of Everything


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What's to be learned? Panspermia?