UFOs: The Hipster of Conspiracy

June 09, 2021 Season 3 Episode 20
UFOs: The Hipster of Conspiracy
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Ever experienced something odd you couldn't explain? A bizarre encounter with a strange being or unknown object whipping across the horizon?

Just like the US government, we can no longer collectively ignore the physics-bending elephant in the sky.

For decades, the sighting and documenting of UFOs has been a common occurrence.  Most people are aware of the famous alleged crash in Roswell, NM in 1947, or the biblical story of Enoch and the Watchers, or the ancient Sumerian legend of Nibiru and the Anunnaki.
However, these stories were always treated in the mainstream as just crazy, crack-pot conspiracies... until now.

What could this mean for society?  What mind bending new possibilities lay in wait for this fragile existence known as humanity?

While some people eagerly clamor in excitement for the dawning of this new frontier of bright opportunity spawning from the global revelation that we are not alone in the universe. 

Drew, however, is a little more skeptical of this new narrative suddenly being embraced by the corporate media, who had once ridiculed and mocked those that even entertained the idea of extraterrestrial life.  Though not totally closed to the possibility of UFO disclosure being legitimate, he still clings to that  classic X-Files trope- "I want to believe".

Markus, meanwhile, is just tripping out on the wormhole of ramifications of UAPs and WAPs... Honestly, he has a hard enough time with terrestrial life.

What are these lights in the sky? Why is the government and media suddenly flipping the script on UFOs? Are we alone?

You decide.


Reagan Alien Invasion  Speech

Norwegian Spiral

Phoenix Lights

Dome of the Rock

Naval video

"Black Rage!"

"Well, they pee out there fingers"

Bill Cooper-
The Man Who Knew Too Much

Tom DeLonge-
Podesta Emails/ WikiLeaks
To The Stars

Project Blue Beam

Intel's 500 drone light show


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