The Battle of Blair Mountain: The Forgotten Mine Wars of America

September 04, 2021 Season 3 Episode 27
The Battle of Blair Mountain: The Forgotten Mine Wars of America
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The year is 1921 and a long brewing, ever escalating labor dispute between The Stone Mountain Coal Company and the Miners of Mingo County West Virginia is about to come to a violent conclusion. In  what would later be known as the largest armed conflict since the American Civil War.

Soldiers returning home from the Great War now find themselves immersed in yet another bloody fight. This time they fight a new enemy: their fellow Americans.

Using similar military tactics they learned in the trenches of Europe,  these working class heroes braved machine gun fire, gas attacks and airplane bombs to fight for all  we take for granted today regarding labor laws.

But is fixing the labor inequities problem more complicated than simply mandating business owners pay their employees  a "living wage"?  What does the future of technology and automation hold for the working class?

"Which side are you on, boys?"

You decide.


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Battle of Blair Mountain

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Which Side Are You On?

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Mother Jones Speech

Great Divergence (wealth inequality)

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