Markus Vs?? The Great AV Rant

March 28, 2022 Season 4 Episode 5
Markus Vs?? The Great AV Rant
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In a surprising mid-season twist, Markus rants about things that probably only he cares about. Put on your waders listeners, cause this one gets deep. Are these the ravings of a mad man, or is his nerd rage justified? You decide.

Note of correction: I mistakenly said “kilobytes per second” in regards to audio bitrate, when more accurately it is “kilobits per second” which ironically enough proves my point

 Inaudible Dialogue
4K vs UHD
Loudness War
IMAX vs Liemax
EX. A Dune Formats
Film vs Digital Projection
Aspect Ratio (The Simpsons)
EX. B HDMI Versions
Soap Opera Effect
Frame Rate
Gemini Man LFR
Gemini Man HFR
Color Grading "The Snyder Cut"
Filmmaker Mode
Color Temperature (Display settings)
EX. C Movie Sound Formats
Speaker Layouts
HDR Formats
EX. D HDR Color Range
Dolby Atmos
Bit rate (video)
EX. F Bit Rate
EX. G Sample Rate
Image compression and formats
8-Bit? 32-Bit? 64-bit?
Bit Depth in Audio
EX. H Bit Depth in Video
EX. I Bit Depth in Video
Bit Depth and HDR
EX. J Audio File Sizes
EX. K Video File Sizes

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Audio is an afterghought
The Loudness War
Confusing Terminology
Imax vs Liemax
Theater Formats
Default TV settings
5.1? 9.2? 7.2.4!?
Codecs - Dolby/DTS/Auro
Bitrate/Sample Rate/Bit Depth
Why all of this matters: File Sizes